10-GLUV Globes

10" Illuminarie Earth Gazing Globe


Human fascination with objects that glow in the night sky dates back to our earliest origins. The tiny luminescent crystals embedded in the shape of the Earth's continents inside each hand-blown glass gazing ball absorb light energy from any light source and emit a soothing green glow for hours after dusk. These Illuminarie globes can be displayed and viewed in a variety of settings, but placement in an area that receives plenty of sunlight during the day, yet is shaded or protected from ambient light (houselights, streetlights, etc.) in the evening will ensure best results. Illuminarie globes will glow up to 4 hrs. depending on light exposure, but the best viewing will occur shortly after sundown. Indoors or out, in a garden or flowerbed, you're sure to enjoy our Illuminarie globes.

Hand-blown glass

10" diameter

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