About Us


Since our humble beginnings operating out of the back of a hardware store in 1981, our company has been built on innovation, outstanding customer service and dedication to affordable garden décor. Little did we realize that we would one day become the world's largest supplier of hand-blown glass gazing globes.

Having introduced the hose guide to America among other innovative firsts, our history is a testament to the company's pioneering spirit. Before our company started selling gazing globes we developed the first wrought iron stand to hold them back in 1990. This was novel to the industry at the time, as gazing globes had always been sold in conjunction with concrete or terracotta birdbath pedestals. This innovation opened the door to a realm of accessories and the introduction of new materials such as lightweight polystone, wood and now even a woven Sea Grass globe stand, exclusive to Echo Valley.

In 2004 we launched the hugely successful line of Echo Valley Illuminaries® glow in the dark gazing globes, garden stakes, pot stickers and more. Patented luminescent crystal technology found within our glass accents set them apart from the crowd and make them unique. These crystals absorb light energy from the sun during the day and emit a soft green glow for hours after dusk. We have since taken this technology to the next level by combining it with metal and resin garden sculpture to create distinctly different product lines under the Illuminaries® umbrella.

Building on the success of Illuminaries®, we introduced the LunaLite™ "active solar" family of products, which greatly extends the duration and brightness of the luminescent glow by using solar powered ultraviolet LEDs to amplify the glow crystals. This is an example of our incessant drive to uncover and deliver new technology and design to the world of fine garden décor.

As one of the earliest adapters of solar technology for use outdoors, we were the first company to employ active solar technology as an element of garden statuary. Now almost 20 years later, we still sell the popular line of solar garden fairies to clients the world over. In addition we have expanded our solar capability to include illuminating container plants with our Illuminator & Up-Lighter plant caddies as well as our new hanging plant light. You can see why our marketing slogan "Your Garden-Now open 24hrs" is prominently stated on many of our packages. Where sundown used to be the end of a day's enjoyment of your garden...now perhaps it's just the beginning. I always enjoy coming home at night to see the menagerie of distinctive solar powered accents in the yard and flower beds.

We have a long-standing reputation for beautifully crafted hand-blown glass products. At the epicenter of Echo Valley's glass capabilities, however, is our selection of gazing globes. Nowhere will you find a wider variety of colors and designs to choose from. Although we have expanded the company to include a vast array of product, there will always be a deep rooted connection to the mysterious and nostalgic gazing globe.

Here at Echo Valley we are dedicated to giving you the highest level of customer service as we push the limits of form and functionality to bring you the coolest products under the sun (and moon!). We welcome you as a customer and thank you for taking time to peruse our website. You will find products that fit virtually every lifestyle, taste and budget imaginable. We hope you like what you see!

Best regards,