EchoFlame Fire Pot Kit


This patent pending concept allows you to recycle your old (non-combustible such as ceramic; clay; metal) plant container into a practical and useful firepot. Simply place and level the EchoFlame tripod cup in a container and then back-fill with a non-combustible filler such as sand; gravel; vermiculite; soil; cat litter and create your very own firepot that uses convenient EchoFlame bio-gel fuel. Each DIY Firepot kit includes a stainless steel snuffer to easily extinguish the flame. Get ready for cozy, comfortable and relaxing evenings!

Kit includes:Three-legged stand and Snuffer

  • Use a non-combustible planter and place tripod stand in the center
  • Level the stand by adding sand, gravel or soil so the top of the stand is approximately level with the top of the planter.
  • Surround the stand with with desired filler such as dirt, rocks, sand, etc.
  • Place EchoFlame gel fuel (sold separately) into the stand's holder and carefully remove the lid.
  • Use a long match or lighter to ignite the EchoFlame gel fuel and enjoy your very own fire pot.
  • Use included snuffer to easily extinguish flames.

For best results, use with EchoFlame gel fuel.

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