Vintage Pendant 2-in-1 Edi-Sol Light


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Part path light, part lantern, but all style, let the versatile 2in1 Vintage Pendant Edi-Sol™ Light bring the timeless appeal of Edison lighting to your outdoor living spaces. The unit comes with a threaded two-piece stake that when fully assembled, makes a gorgeous path light. When the lamp is detached from the stake it is transformed into a stunning hanging lantern. The bulb protected by lantern cage contains a light harness with 4 amber LED's that gives the appearance of a Tungsten filament Edison bulb when lit. Done in a rich, antique patina finish, the 2in1 Vintage Edi-Sol Light is sure draw the eyes attention to it during the day and leave a lasting impression at night!

6.75" x 7.75" x 23"