10" Ocean Mist Illuminarie Gazing Globe


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Produced from cosmic dust that date back millennia, the 10" Illuminarie (Glow in the Dark) Ocean Mist Swirl Gazing Globe from Echo Valley is a wonderment of light and energy. Luminescent crystals embedded in the green-tinted glass swirl of this gazing ball or garden globe, absorb light energy during the day and release it at night in form of a subtle green glow. Glow duration may last up to 3- 4 hours, gradually fading over that time. In addition to use outdoors, the Illuminarie globe works equally well in an interior environment as long as it receives ample sunlight during the day.  For best results, place this garden globe in an area that receives full sunlight during the day and is not in close proximity to any competing light sources at night.

Hand-blown glass. 10" Diameter.