Wind Balancers

Solar Bi-Plane Wind Balancer

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Harness the energy of the sun and bring the "art of flight" to your yard, garden or landscape with our High Flyers - Solar Biplane/Wind Balancer! The vintage biplane attached to the end of the balancing arm contains a solar powered motor that activates when the sun is at a prescribed height in the sky. When the solar panel atop the plane receives sufficient sunlight, the propeller will spin, causing the plane to rotate in a quiet, meandering motion around the 3-piece steel ground stake.  Even when there is no sun, the Biplane will spin and rock to and fro in the wind courtesy of the counter weight opposite the Biplane on the balancing arm.  At 22" x 9.25" x 37", it will make an impressive statement in the yard and makes for a great conversation piece.


- Solar-activated, self-propelled flight!

- Wind-Powered rocking motion

- No Tools required for assembly/disassembly

- Durable, weather-resistant antique finish

- 22" x 9.25" x 37" (assembled height)

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