Illuminarie Dual Motion Windwheel


Equal parts mesmerizing, elegant and awe-inspiring, the Illuminarie (glow in the dark) Dual-Motion WindWheel from Echo Valley is the standard-bearer for kinetic garden art. This 3pc kinetic wunderkind stands at 45" when fully assembled and is ideal for use as focal point garden accessory in virtually any landscape setting. The spoons lining the top of the front and rear wheels catch the wind on a gusty day and rotate counter-opposed each other creating an hypnotic display of movement. Luminescent crystals in the 2.5" hand-blown art gazing ball at the WindWheel's epicenter absorb light energy during the day and release it at night in the form of a subtle green glow. Glow duration may last up to 3 - 4 hours, gradually fading over that time. All metal parts have an antique bronze powder coat finish applied to withstand the harshest of elements and provide years of enjoyment. No tools required for assembly. 15" x 5" x 45" assembled.

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