8141 10" Illuminarie Globe - Green Swirl
June 21, 2023

Glow in the Dark Illumination Explained

There's has been much confusion over the years over the perception of what glow-in-the-dark illumination is and the reality of what the lighting effect does. At Echo Valley we make every attempt to point out on our packaging that the "glow" emitted from the luminescent crystals used in our Illuminarie glass gazing globes and glass ornaments adorning our Illuminarie yard stakes, pot stickers, Windwheels, hanging spinners, etc. is subtle and will gradually fade over the course of a few hours. Second, only the narrow band of crystals comprising the swirl pattern found in our glass globes and ornaments will glow, not the entire object (these are not solar lights). Because the glow is subtle, it is difficult to see from a distance greater than 10'. Light interference (landscape lights, street lights, flood lamps, interior house lights and even moonlight), will inhibit the eye's ability to discern the glow emitted from the crystals. During summer in the Northern lattitudes the period from dusk to dark can last several hours. In that time the luminescent crystals may have given off 50% or more of their stored energy, thus glowing less bright as they would otherwise when it is completely dark.



How can I tell if the luminescent crystals in my Illuminaries product are working as they should?

Place the item in question in direct sunlight or take the product indoors and place it under a light source (incandescent, fluorescent or ultraviolet) for 10 - 15 minutes. Next, bring the item into a completely dark room in your home. If the green swirl pattern found in the glass globe or ornament adorning your product does not glow then there is a problem with the crystals reacting properly to light. The same can be said for the luminescent crystals used in the glass marbles adorning our collection of Illuminarie Pot Stickers. In this situation, if the product is less than a year old and you have the original receipt it may be returned to the retailer of purchase for an exchange, credit or refund. You may also contact us directly to see if a replacement product or component is available. If the green swirl pattern is visible then the crystals are functioning properly as they should.


What can I do to optimize the visibility of the glow effect of my Illuminaries product?

We recommend placing any Echo Valley product containing luminescent glow crystals in an area of the yard that receives full sunlight during the day and is completely dark at night. Were you to walk up to that product after dusk you should be able to discern the glow of the swirl pattern referenced above.



Although the product images used to promote our glow-in-the-dark products often depicts them in their optimum state, they are capable of glowing every bit as brightly as portrayed were you to bring them indoors and place them under a light soure as described above and immediatley place them outside in the dark. However, without the ability to shut the sun off in the sky as you would the lights in your home the glow intensity is significantly impacted. Please visit http://www.echovalley.com for more information and feel free to contact us if there are any questions you have related to this issue.